How to get the best results from your managed service provider(MSP)?

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

With the ever-growing list of tasks, most IT companies externalize the management services to third-party resources, known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These MSPs are designated to handle routine, time-consuming tasks, alleviating the work strain of the primary organization. Often, MSPs handle a plethora of tasks, from business-critical IT tasks to payroll regularization.

Despite being a third-party resource, MSPs dole out tried and tested solutions that strong-arm the organizations. However, organizations would retain executive power despite partnering with the providers. By addressing operational challenges, MSPs help organizations achieve their goals swiftly and smartly.

Managed Services

Without further ado, let’s delve into how to bring the optimal performance out of MSP.

1) Know your needs

Set your sight straight. Knowing what an MSP should achieve for you is half the battle won. Finding a like-minded Managed Service Provider who meets your expectations is another vital aspect. Coordinate with your internal teams and identify your needs which you wish to entrust the MSP with. Identify your MSP, as per these needs, objectively.

2) Value for money

Pit your shortlisted MSPs against your budgetary restraints. Research which MSP has achieved the maximum value for money. An unwise investment may incur undesired losses. At the same time, look into the track record of the shortlisted MSPs. It would be wise to assess an MSP based on their reputation and reviews.

3) Communication

Clearly share your vision and expectations with the Managed Service Provider. Two-way communication is the foundation for a productive relationship. Instead of imposing, elicit views that help you understand the provider’s mettle. And never shy away from setting the milestones to achieve the result. The milestone implementation will allow the MSP to plan better as to how to reach the milestones.

4) Retain your manpower

MSP is there to alleviate your IT teams of their workloads. Not relieve them altogether. The IT teams will continue to perform their core tasks and others that require their attention. Retaining them also helps in tackling unwanted glitches which the MSP cannot handle.

5) Tailor a disaster recovery management process

Having a contingency plan is always wise. Pool the internal resources and coordinate with the MSP about establishing a backup server. These resources support you when the primary servers face headwinds in the form of disasters or anything else.

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6) Listen to MSP’s expertise

Not everyone in your in-house team will possess the required expertise on certain critical aspects. When an MSP is employed, stay open to suggestions as to better your business practices. The MSP, on occasions, will double up as a consultant. It is essential to have a good rapport with the MSP for it brings out the best in them.

7) Security

Above and beyond all, security should be the topmost priority. Never skimp on this aspect, for we all know how dangerous the virtual world is. It is vital to evaluate and implement the security solutions that suit you best. The MSP could help navigate you on this ‘secure’ journey.

8) Productivity

Assess how the MSP integration has affected the productivity of your organization. Get an exact idea about the efficiency of the company before and after partnering with MSP. Compare the reports and understand how better the MSP can be used. Additionally, with in-house teams freed up, the organization can decide how to use the newfound time.

With numerous providers all over the town, choosing an MSP has become a tedious task. However, your search ends here. Veritis is armed with experts and experience in managed IT services. We have been providing cost-effective, optimal solutions to various enterprises, some of which are ranked as Fortune 500. We drive innovation by helping organizations work faster and wiser.

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