Analytics Provider Speeds Up Development with DevOps

By Veritis

Analytics Provider Speeds Up Development with DevOps

Veritis helps a leading data analytics service provider to speed up Data Exchange Platform development

Client Profile

A leading data analytics company offers innovative analytics and decision-making solutions to its clients enabling them to manage their business effectively. Headquartered in the United States, the company operates in 20 countries. It works with clients in various industries including banking, insurance, financial services and natural resources.

Key Requirements

The client needed a data exchange platform to provide its customers with a single point of access to all their consumers’ data.

Business Challenges

The client was looking to automate their IT infrastructure and speed up their software development process. This involved the need to reduce the time and manual efforts of building and deploying software. The code was required to be pushed through the development, testing, staging and live production environments in the quickest possible time.

The requirement was also for developing a distributed storage system for managing enormous amounts of data, while providing a highly available service with no single point of failure. Automation at server level was required to cut down on time spent repeating basic tasks, provide improved efficiency and accuracy.
Additional challenges included:

  • Ensuring that security and governance are systemic to the client’s applications.
  • Quickly configuring the environment which can help fix the codes when they break.
  • Automatically deploying the latest release at regular intervals, or whenever the code is changed.
  • Reducing the pressure on IT department so that they could deliver results with greater frequency and agility.
  • Optimum utilization of resources to reduce costs.

Veritis Approach

The Veritis team worked closely with client’s development and operations teams to implement the necessary DevOps tools and process to support the automation of builds, deployments, testing and infrastructure. Iterations and feedback for the development process were incorporated with continuous planning, continuous testing, and continuous integration.

In accordance with the requirement, Veritis implemented a reliable, centralized solution to quickly automate, build and deploy the applications. A source code management tool was used to keep track of changes to the code. The team also quickly configured the environment to fix the codes when they break.

By ensuring that all operations run smoothly, Veritis helped to accelerate peak performance and reduce downtime. This in turn ensured that the client’s IT department delivered results with greater frequency and agility.

As part of the project, Veritis also carried out the following activities to deliver a comprehensive solution to the client:

  • Implemented an enterprise knowledge management system to share the data with all the members in the environment.
  • Deployed a project management tool for issue tracking and ticketing.
  • Ensured that each component in IT environment functions efficiently to maintain optimal performance.
  • Developed robust contingency plans for risk management.


The Veritis DevOps approach significantly aided the client in their efforts for accelerated Data Exchange Platform development. Along with increased collaboration and optimal performance, the other benefits obtained by the client included:

  • Increase in frequency of code deployment by 30 times.
  • Reduction in deployment failures by 50%.
  • Improvement in operational efficiency by up to 31%.
  • Improvement in employee productivity by up to 30%.

Environment / Technologies / Tools

Puppet, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Confluence, Nginx, Splunk, Cassandra, RHEL 6.x/7.x, VMware VSphere, JIRA

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