Cloud Computing Services for Pharmaceutical Industry

By Veritis

Cloud Computing Services for Pharmaceutical Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the leading pharmaceutical service providers with more than 30 years of experience in specialty medication services. With a range of comprehensive services including condition counselling services, the company has catered to a vast audience and has been accredited by top healthcare review groups.

Client Requirements

The client required the enrollment portal to be configured for better business provisioning. The portal being a business-critical application supports multiple stakeholders specifically Silver Script call centers, external agents, external call centers, EGWP clients, channel marketing, enrollment operations and internal audits. This application had to be deployed as part of Azure cloud computing.

Veritis Approach

Veritis team of experts provided the client cloud computing services which involved the configuration of enrollment portal and deployment of the portal as part of the client’s cloud computing services. The scope of the project involved development of core business logic, Windows services and stored procedures, among multiple workflows.

Client Challenge Areas

The following were the challenges that Veritis experts encountered during project execution:

  • Agile methodology of software development
  • Involvement in joint application design process to collect business requirements, expediting development and improving the quality of specifications
  • Developing IBM WebSphere Message queue, Windows services, Caching, Angular, RESTful and WCF services and Web-API
  • Developing stored procedures, bulk logging, user-defined table types and Assemblies
  • Developing high-performance Windows services using parallel thread process and multitasking
  • Developing ReSharper coding standards and design patterns
  • Developing Rich Interactive GUI using AngularJS user controls, Angular toolkit, .NET 4.6.2, Visual Studio 2015, C#, XML, Javascript
  • Creating automated test scripts using SoapUI for the application to bolster Test Driven Development of the product
  • Creating reusable user controls and custom controls using Angular Themes, C#, and customized controls using data templates, events, and control templates
  • Migrating the application to latest versions of Angular, .NET Framework, updating the test scripts and WCF Services
  • Implementing AJAX Enabled WCF Services for synchronous calls and WCF Services accessible to Angular JS for asynchronous calls
  • Creating multiple layouts using Angular Panels, Angular toolkit and third-party controls
  • Customizing exciting look and feel of the controls using control templates and styles using Microsoft CSS; implemented styles at application, page and control resource files
  • Cloud computing deployment

Key Responsibilities Held

Following were the key responsibilities carried out during the project implementation:

  • Developed core Business logic for all modules
  • Developed Windows Services
  • Developed GUI with AngularJS
  • Developed stored procedures
  • Conducted Scrum meetings
  • Implemented multi-threading
  • Powered up shell scripting for windows services installation
  • Linked to SQL caching
  • Performed parallel processing
  • Purged and achieved scripts development
  • Improved performance on and SQL Server
  • Merged and branched TFS code
  • Migrated the application into cloud Azure
  • Completed Azure environment and created and deployed services
  • Created Azure virtual machines for application and database
  • Created MVC framework with Web-API, AngularJS

Environments Used

  • IBM WebSphere: A message queue that contains enrolls information in XDR format
  • Windows services: Veritis team used windows services to read enrolls from IBM message queue and process parallel using multi-threading
  • Caching, AngularJS, RESTful, Web API and WCF services: Our team used caching for user tables, for Rich GUI need AngularJS with RESTful and WCF services
  • SOA services: The Project was SOA architecture, so the team used RESTful and WCF services
  • SQL server 2012 Assemblies: The team used SQL server assemblies to avoid multiple DB connections for high performance
  • Web GUI Factory: An Mphasis proprietary tool for graphical user interface development
  • Health Care Service Oriented Architecture (Health Care SOA): Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration in computing. A system based on SOA architecture will package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used within multiple separate systems from several business domains
  • Agile Methodology is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. The beneficiary has rich working experience in this methodology
  • Angular: Angular is an application framework by Microsoft for developing rich internet applications. The developed applications run as browser plug-ins and also out-of-browser applications
  • Health Care Airline SOA Service Factory (Framework): A CVS proprietary tool for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service development
  • Application Request Routing (ARR): A module developed by Microsoft for installing on the Internet Information Services. It is used for optimization processes for routing requests for an n-tier application
  • SoapUI: A tool used to set up automated test cases for the test-driven development and mock the service requests from the application to test the response of the developed services
  • TFS: A configuration management tool for storing and versioning all the artifacts. And the same is also used to perform build of recent version of software contained in Source control
  • Quality Center: A Web Application where defects are entered and tracked to closure
  • Cloud Developer: Azure developing and configuration
  • Dot net core: Cloud-based application developing for Dot net applications

Value Delivered

Veritis team of experts has provided the client with cloud computing consulting services for its Medicare services. The team configured the portal to ease business operations and deploy the application as part of its cloud computing host Azure Cloud Computing.

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