DevOps Solutions for Data Analytics Industry

By Veritis

DevOps Solutions for Data Analytics Industry

Client Information

The client is a leading provider of analytical and instructional services. It specializes in data compilation, experimental design, statistical techniques and offers customized on-site training and company seminars.

Client Requirements

As per the client requirement, the Veritis team of experts offered DevOps services, which included integrating the Panaray application with various external feeds and creating pipelines to enrich or process the data.

Veritis Approach

Veritis assisted the client with DevOps services, which included application development, automation and identifying and fixing issues that interfered with the overall performance of the system. Additionally, the project also involved integrating the Panaray application with external feeds.

Client Challenge Areas

One of the biggest challenges that our team faced was with the overall performance of the system, a few major hiccups caused obstacles in the functionality of the app. The team had to identify these bottlenecks and fix them. Now before any major release, the team takes rigorous performance testing measures.

Key Responsibilities Held

  • Analyzed user requirements to derive software design and performance requirements using Test driven development (TDD) and JIRA tool set
  • Provides technical/development support for new and existing software applications using Microsoft technology stack like TFS, VISIO, C# and
  • Created/Modified software components following best practices using C#, .NET and SQL languages
  • Created/Modified packages to extract, transform and load data from various feeds using Microsoft BI toolsets
  • Assisted in debugging/troubleshooting existing applications that were built using WPF, C#, .net latest 4.6 framework, WCF services and SQL Server 2014 databases to fix the defects
  • Assisted in the design and development of complex stored procedures for SQL server 2014 and also worked with open source analytics engine like Elasticsearch stack
  • Worked with other team members to identify and create common reusable components for logging, exceptional handling and to setup monitoring systems for alerting
  • Incorporated MVC/MVVM .NET architectural patterns for solutions so that components can be built/tested standalone

Environments Used

.Net 4.6, C#, Java, SQL Server, Elasticsearch, SSIS and ETL tools

Value Delivered

The client now owns an app that provisions smooth functionality as it is designed after a thorough analysis of user requirements. Apart from creating the Panaray application, Veritis team also provided :

  • Technical and development support
  • Created and modified components and packages
  • Debugged and troubleshooted new and existing applications

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