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Energy Industry


Energy is one industry that has always been labor-intensive. Be it deploying heavy machinery across refineries engaging in maintenance activities and setting up new facilities, the energy sector has always been an industry with heavy operations that are time-consuming and cost-sensitive.

However, technology revolution eased out many processes in the energy industry, from simplifying high-end machinery operations through automated solutions to facilitating project assessment and evaluation through advanced tools that can gauge feasibility and progress of a project.

From generating power through age-old sources like coal and diesel, now the energy industry has transformed itself to be a provider of new-age renewable solutions that can run with smart solutions and even through mobile applications at a finger touch.

Technology has, in fact, increased the scope for new ways of exploring energy solutions and their utilization, reducing the carbon footprint. Automation of process chain with right technology deployments eased complexities in the oil & gas industry that usually have complex systems with huge manpower requirements.

It’s the technology revolution that gave due boost to today’s trending energy sources such as nuclear power, solar energy, biofuels, hydropower, among others, playing a key role in their Research & Development (R&D) operations.

Belonging to a labor-intensive industry, the key challenge that an energy firm might face is with regard to minimizing the dependence on manual workforce.

Critical infrastructure maintenance needed to support large in-house operations is another key requirement for the energy industry to ensure business continuity.

Being in line with technology advancements is key to any industry and energy can be no exception to that!

Automation solutions that can fix difficulties in the process chain, database software that can maintain huge volumes of customer and employee information, new technologies that can simplify the complex machine-intensive operations are among key technology dependencies for the energy industry.

Industry Challenges
As an operation-intensive industry with high demand for increased production and ever-expanding capabilities, we understand that energy industry like any other industry welcomes technology advancements.

However, finding a right partner who can position you ahead in this intense technology race is a challenge, and that’s where consulting can help you.

With years of expertise in working with various industry verticals including energy, Veritis holds rich expertise in offering industry-specific solutions that match your requirements.

Over the decades, we dealt with various energy giants and continue to deliver our services to the world’s leading energy industry players. Our ability to assess requirements and speak to the problems make us client-friendly.

Our Solution to Your Challenges

Following are our exclusive service offerings that can be tailored for your business needs:

  • Cloud: We understand your critical concerns pertaining to human and machine intensive operations. Our cloud consulting can address your concern. Our cloud experts can handle your operations over the network creating a hassle-free process for your offline through effective application-level support. All you need to do is access whatever you want at a single click from an app or at a touch.
  • Containerization: Add application power to your organization and facilitate operational speed across internal operations. Try the container services!
  • DevOps: Our DevOps experts are well-versed in dealing with development and operations teams bringing in a new collaboration across your delivery chain. We believe in continuous integration & delivery.
  • Digital Transformation: We are in the digital world now! Witness the experience of being digital across the process chain for enhanced productivity and new business experience.
  • Disaster Recovery: Collaborating with Veritis means being in safe hands. Our Disaster Recovery experts has all the possible solutions that can keep away your worries about unexpected disasters or outages halting your busy operations.
  • IT Infrastructure: Our IT infrastructure consulting services, through an end-to-end support, can address your critical infrastructure concerns that might be slowing down your capabilities and enhance your business outcomes.
  • Technology Advisory: Having a right IT strategy in place can help you in achieving desired success through technology support. Out Technology Advisory can guide you in the process
  • Virtualization: Our Virtualization consulting can keep away your worries with large datacenters and heavy servers that you might be fighting with to keep your processes on all the time.

Its time you keep your worries aside. Veritis can help you out! Reach Us

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