Ease IT Operational Hurdles with Process Automation (Infographic)

Days are gone when you have to wait for one process to be completed to start with the other in a Software Development Life Cycle. Today we are in DevOps days, where continuous integration and continuous delivery are the only two words heard.

Traditionally, the huge chunks of code is developed and then sent to testing environment, where it is checked for any defects. Here, chunks of code is tested at once. This naturally consumes time and resources, delaying the entire process. Besides, in case of any defects in the tested code, the process will go back to the development phase again. Likewise, manual process created hurdles in the process chain, delaying business cycle and hindering further innovation.

Here is where Process Automation played crucial! By automating the process with Build, Test, Deploy and Release functionalities, the process automation methodology eased the testing process by performing tests of the large code divided into individual builds. Each and every build is individually tested and then moved further. In case of any defect with any individual component, only that will be tested and the rest are already through further process. This saves time and resources, paving the way for new processes and boosting business chain.

Here is an infographic that illustrates the whole scenario outlining the differences between the manual process and process automation!

Ease IT Operational Hurdles with Process Automation IT Infographic


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