AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Minimizing Downtime and Eliminating Data Loss with Amazon Web Services

Organizations are increasingly turning to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for effectively facing disasters and ensuring business continuity. AWS Disaster Recovery (DR) is a proven approach for weathering any type of potential risks such as data breaches, ransomware attacks or even utility failures, without any downtime, loss of productivity or reduction in revenues.

AWSBenefits of Hosting DR Solutions in AWS

AWS DR solutions are not only simple and reliable, but also deliver several advantages to organizations implementing them. They include:

  • Reduction in CAPEX: Setting up, maintaining and staffing a data center that supports DR is an expensive proposition and requires significant investments that are not feasible for all companies. AWS DR ensures cost-effective data backup, storage and disaster recovery on an on-demand basis allowing firms to pay only for the infrastructure and services availed and reduce their capital expenses. According to IDC, organizations using AWS DR experienced a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction of 64%.
  • Simplified Setup: Selection of the right components ensures that the setup time for the DR solution is drastically reduced, sometimes to less than even one hour. Time saved by setting up an AWS DR solution leads to enhanced productivity and greater cost-savings.
  • Geographic Flexibility: AWS provides organizations with the option to select the location for hosting their DR from 54 availability zones in 18 global geographic regions. Plans are also underway for setting up 12 more availability zones in four additional regions. These zones include isolated data centers and are connected with low latency, highly-redundant networking, with a private fiber optic network ensuring no service interruptions in the event of a disaster.
  • Scalability: AWS DR solutions are highly scalable and hence, companies can avoid large upfront investments by procuring the computing resources based on requirement. This is especially valuable for those companies experiencing seasonal fluctuations, which can scale up or down depending on their need for DR resources.
  • Security: Provision of secure services is accorded the highest priority in AWS DR with most security features being provided at no additional cost. These can relate to infrastructure, configuration, data encryption, access control and monitoring, among others.

AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) Solutions

AWS Disaster Recovery Approach

There are four standard approaches that are employed for backup and disaster recovery using the AWS cloud. These comprise:

  • Backup and Recovery Approach: This is the simplest approach and is a cost-effective method utilizing services such as Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) to backup and restore data.
  • Pilot Light Approach: This refers to the method of configuring and running critical applications and data in the cloud with the option of provisioning a full-scale production environment for data recovery when disasters occur.
  • Warm Standby Approach: In this DR scenario, a duplicate version of the core elements continues to run in the cloud. It results in a near seamless transition and reduces the recovery time to almost zero.
  • Multi-Site Solution or Hot Standby Approach: This is the optimum backup technique and replicates the data and applications between two or more active locations. Traffic is routed to the unaffected location during disasters resulting in zero downtime.

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