Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Disaster Recovery Services
Enterprise-Grade Cloud Backup and DR with Google Cloud Platform

More and more organizations are migrating their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) considering the security, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. GCP ensures a high-level of redundancy and provides granular control over the physical and virtual servers and ensures a faster, stable, secure and isolated environment.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Why Google Cloud Platform?

GCP scores over the traditional methods of disaster recovery by addressing the complicated planning requirements pertaining to physical and network infrastructure, scalability, security, bandwidth and other parameters.

Applications and data on GCP utilize the same security model deployed in all Google Apps and are highly secure and reliable. Additionally, simplified administration through GCP ensures the reduction of costs in managing complex applications.

GCP is considered environmental-friendly for various reasons, majorly because of GCP data centers that typically consume only half the energy of the standard data centers.

Features of Disaster Recovery using GCP

GCP offers several features that make it a better disaster recovery option than its competitors. These include:

  • Better Pricing: GCP subscribers need to pay only for the compute time used with the billing considering minute-level increments. Additionally, long-running workloads are offered discounted prices.
  • Tiered Cloud Network: GCP is the first major public cloud to offer a layered cloud network with a well-provisioned, low latency global network ensuring continuous traffic flow in the event of any disruption.
  • Live Migration: Google Cloud Hosting provides a live migration for virtual machines, a feature that is not offered by either AWS or Azure. Live migration ensures that issues such as patching, repairing and updating the software and hardware are addressed promptly without machine reboots.
  • Security: GCP provides advanced security features, including encryption of all data using the 256-bit AES and compliance with enterprise security certifications like SSAE16, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI and HIPAA.
  • Redundant Backups: GCP offers multiple storage options such as coldline storage, nearline storage, regional storage and multi-regional storage along with a 99.999999999% durability and zero data loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Wide Network: Supported by Google’s advanced and widespread global network, Google Cloud Platform offers you an effective platform that can help you achieve fast, scalable and consistent performance even at times of disaster.
  • Scalability: GCP has been designed to scale like any other Google’s platforms and is backed by managed services that help it withstand the sudden rise or fall in online activity.
  • Compliance: Regular third-party audits keep Google compliant and the same reflects in GCP in terms of privacy, security, compliance and meeting industry’s best practices. GCP complies with many globally-renowned compliance standards.

Features of Disaster Recovery (DR) using GCP

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