Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery Services
Cost-Effective DR for Physical and Virtual Machines with Azure

Microsoft Azure is increasingly becoming popular among global organizations on account of the wide range of networking, security, storage and disaster recovery options that it offers. It is considered to be more secure than most of the other cloud computing platforms in the market and offers comprehensive data recovery options for safeguarding sensitive data.Azure Solutions

Disaster Recovery (DR) using Azure is preferred by organizations over the traditional on-premises data center deployment option considering several advantages that it provides. These include:

  • Reduced Operational Costs: Without the need to build or manage infrastructure, companies using Azure DR only have to pay for the resources actually used.
  • Simpler deployment and management: Azure DRaaS enables subscribers to avoid the complexity and costs associated with deploying and maintaining DR infrastructure.
  • Scalability: Azure DR solutions are highly scalable and different environments can be easily scaled up or down as per an organization’s operational requirements.
  • Minimal downtime: Azure DRaaS ensures dependable data recovery with minimum downtime and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance of 99.9 percent.
  • Automation: Azure DR solutions are application-centric and facilitate an extensive range of automation across hybrid environments enabling enterprises to cut down costs by up to 95 percent.

Benefits of Hosting Disaster Recovery Solutions in Azure

Hybrid Cloud DR with Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery solutions offer comprehensive hybrid cloud disaster recovery along with protection and replication options for both virtual and physical servers. With no upfront costs and termination fees, Azure’s pay-as-you-go model is highly cost-effective.

Azure Site Recovery provides continuous protection by encrypting all data and communication, and monitoring the state of the protected instances. Additionally, it ensures quick restoration of services in the event of an outage without any impact to the environments.

Veritis Azure DR Expertise

Veritis DR experts design tailored solutions that enable clients to meet their disaster recovery and business continuity requirements, as well as achieve internal compliance and plan for any future contingencies.

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