Network Virtualization Services

Combining hardware and software network resources into a single virtual network

Network Virtualization ServicesAn Introduction to Network Virtualization

Network virtualization refers to the method of monitoring and management of an entire computer network from a software admin console as a single administrative entity.

It combines the available network resources by dividing the bandwidth into secured independent channels, which can be assigned in real time to any device or server.

Network virtualization is accomplished by integrating the network components, utilizing a variety of software and hardware. Network virtualization services allow network provisioning and aggregation either by breaking a physical network into multiple isolated virtual networks or coalescing various physical networks into a single virtual network.

Business Benefits of Network Virtualization Consulting Services

Veritis network virtualization services have been designed to enable optimization of security, scalability, flexibility, reliability and data transfer, in addition to automating numerous administrative tasks. We ensure that all network servers and services are considered as one pool of resources, regardless of the physical components.

Our solutions ensure that customers achieve greater enterprise agility, better control of their networking footprint and scaling of infrastructure in accordance with the business requirements. Additionally, we facilitate organizations in neutralizing corporate threats such as data theft and virus infections through centralized data management.

We also provide secure access of corporate resources for employees from any location through the virtual network.

Other benefits of our network virtualization services include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased network speed
  • Centralized management of files and programs from a single physical site
  • Easier addition of storage media such as hard drives or tape drives
  • Reallocation or sharing of storage space among the servers

Veritis Expertise

Veritis has a team of industry experts with extensive experience in delivering IT virtualization consulting services and solutions for both SMBs and large organizations.

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