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Whether you are a large multinational corporation or just a start-up company, whether your applications are running in an on-premise captive DC, a third-party hosted private or public cloud, or a combination of any of the above, Veritis can be your single service provider, that can not only deliver you all these diverse IT infrastructure options, but can also seamlessly scale and migrate your chosen application workloads through our world class cloud services.

Veritis helps organizations transform their IT environment with our best in class Cloud Services. We have a team of cloud service specialists who bring in highly effective and reliable cloud services that provide organizations a competitive edge. Cloud Computing provides choice, control and confidence that enable organizations to improve productivity.

One of the major advantages of Cloud Computing is that it can help reduce IT resource requirements and save money. Organizations are increasingly embracing cloud to simplify the launch of their new products or services and reduce the time to market.

We assist customers in the cloud offerings based on their specific business needs at any given time. With the availability of deployment models such as, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, selecting the right technology and the right partner is essential. By turning to the cloud, organizations can become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape. We enable organizations to make the right choices in maximizing the returns from their cloud investments.

Veritis Cloud ServicesVeritis Cloud Services

Cloud computing is usually classified into three types based on the location of the cloud.

Public Cloud

In public cloud the computing infrastructure is hosted by the cloud vendor at the vendor’s premises. The customer has no visibility and control over where the computing infrastructure is hosted. Users have access to resources such as applications and storage over the Internet.

Private Cloud

The computing infrastructure is dedicated to one organization and not shared with other organizations. Private clouds are more expensive and more secure when compared to public clouds. Private clouds are of two types, on premise private clouds and externally hosted private clouds.

Hybrid Cloud

The usage of both private and public clouds together is called hybrid cloud. Organizations usually host critical applications on private clouds and applications with relatively less security concerns on the public cloud.

Veritis supports a variety of public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Google, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and private cloud platforms including OpenStack and VMware vSphere.

Through the public cloud Veritis offers scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency options along with quick access to compute, storage and app hosting. In addition to the agility, scalability and efficiency of the public cloud, the private cloud services from Veritis provide greater security, customization as per client needs and enhanced performance with the dedicated resources. The Veritis Hybrid Cloud offering combines the public cloud’s pay-as-you-go scalability with the security and performance of the private cloud to deliver a hybrid solution to specific client requirements.

Based on our client requirements, we utilize the Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service models.

Some of the services offered by Veritis include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Transformation
  • Private Cloud Implementation Services
  • Public Cloud Implementation Services
  • Cloud Application Development Services
  • Cloud Assurance Services
  • Cloud Maintenance Services
  • Cloud Security Services


Veritis Value Proposition

Cloud Services
We provide the following benefits to customers through our cloud services:

  • World class expertise
  • Proven use cases
  • Always-on availability
  • Always up-to-date
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Efficient resource utilization

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