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Azure DevOps Services

Azure DevOps Consulting Services

Years of using self-made tools and the dire need for development of a process that can help build and deliver products at a faster rate led to the advent of Microsoft’s ‘Azure DevOps’.

Bringing about a change in the development lifecycle, Microsoft’s widely-known flagship integrated development environment ‘Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS)’ evolved into becoming ‘Azure DevOps’.

Azure DevOps “spans the breadth of the development lifecycle to help developers ship software faster and with higher quality,” says Microsoft.

Supporting both public and private cloud configurations, Azure DevOps service gained popularity for its ability to extend beyond, compatibility with application of any type, irrespective of framework, platform or cloud.

Changing the work style, Azure DevOps has introduced new ways to plan smarter with enhanced collaboration and achieve faster product delivery, backed by modern development services.

Key Features that Azure offers include:

Key Features that Azure DevOps Services Offers

  • Azure Boards: Use the proven agile tools to effectively plan, track and discuss work among teams, and deliver high value to your customers. Use proven productivity tools to create and track sprints, backlogs, team dashboards and custom reporting, and more.
  • Azure Pipelines: Develop, test and deploy CI/CD workflows that are compatible with any language, platform and cloud. Automating builds and deployments with pipelines can save time, giving scope for innovation.
  • Azure Repos: Enjoy the advantage of access to world’s largest repository. With Azure Repos, one can get unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repositories. One can also form collaborations to build better code through pull requests and advanced file management mechanism.
  • Azure Test Plans: Use manual and exploratory testing tools to test and proceed further. Planned and exploratory activity can improve code quality in apps.
  • Azure Artifacts: Integrate fully-integrated package management with CI/CD pipelines at a click. Witness the flexibility of creating, hosting and sharing packages from public and private sources with your teams.

It is noteworthy that Azure Pipelines are capable of offering free CI/CDs for an unlimited time period and 10 parallel jobs for every open source project.

As a whole, Azure DevOps is a collection that offers an end-to-end solution to five core DevOps practices: Planning and tracking, development, build and test, delivery and monitoring, and operations.

Launched in 2018, Microsoft Azure DevOps has garnered a good number of service providers within a short span of release. Especially, with strong expertise in DevOps consulting along with proven excellence in Azure Cloud could be your best option as an Azure DevOps Consulting partner.

Azure DevOps Tools

Continuous Integration and Delivery Tools

  • Jenkins – This is an open-source server used to build apps in the cloud and deploy the same in Azure. Jenkins helps you set up continuous integration/continuous delivery for software projects. Users can host Jenkins in Azure to centralize the build automation and scale deployment as per the needs of the project.

Infrastructure Automation and Configuration Management Tools

  • Ansible – This tool helps users by automating cloud provisioning, configuration management and application deployments. Ansible enables provisioning of virtual machines, containers, and network and complete cloud infrastructures. Besides, it enables users to automate the deployment and configuration of resources in an environment.
  • Chef Automate – The Chef Automate solution for Azure helps you build, deploy and manage your infrastructure/applications along with your team. It provides transparency across the entire workflow, while enabling continuous compliance and management of all the changes within a common framework.
  • Puppet Enterprise – Puppet Enterprise automates the entire lifecycle of your Azure infrastructure for both cloud and on-premise. It lets you manage infrastructure-as-a-code enabling easy DevOps adoption. This module also provisions, configures and manages Azure resources.
  • Terraform – Terraform cloud infrastructure provisioning tool organizes infrastructure into configuration files that define the arrangement of cloud resources including virtual machines, storage accounts and networking interfaces.

Azure DevOps Tools

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