DevOps Approach Quickens Software Development Time

By Veritis

DevOps Approach Quickens Software Development Time

A leading e-commerce company implements DevOps to quicken Entitlement Management System development

Client Profile

Headquartered in the United States, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions that offers an array of technology, infrastructure and professional services. Its key services include ecommerce, website design and creation, marketing and strategic consulting. The company offers its services to various industries including fashion, consumer goods and technology products.

Key Requirements

Accelerating the development of the Entitlement Management System to remove the cost and complexity of building custom entitlement solutions into applications, and accomplish more granular and consistent control of entitlement throughout the environment.

Business Challenges

As an e-commerce solutions provider, the client had applications that depended on fast-paced and sensitive transactions and faced significant challenges in implementing continuous integration. These were accentuated by the absence of a central build server, lack of maintenance of proper version control and broken builds.

Servers had to be migrated from the physical to the cloud environment and cloud servers were required to be launched and configured for specified applications. Over 300 Linux servers required support in the production, staging and development environment. Additionally, there were numerous bottlenecks in the software development process which needed to be addressed.

In brief, the following challenges were severely hampering the client’s business and required Veritis expertise:

  • Implementing continuous build and test processes.
  • Server migration from physical to cloud environment.
  • The configuration of cloud servers for specified applications.
  • Administering the test lab, production and disaster recovery setup.
  • Supporting all servers in production/staging/development.
  • Managing IT environment to promote uptime availability.
  • Eliminating redundancies and manual processes.

Veritis Approach

The Veritis team engaged in a detailed study of the existing environment and analyzed the challenges hindering the continuous integration and delivery owing to the sensitive nature of the client business. By adopting a DevOps approach that involved working in parallel with the development, testing, deployment, systems, infrastructure and project teams, Veritis identified and eliminated all the bottlenecks in software development thereby ensuring a continuous operation of the build and test processes.

The server migration from the physical to the cloud environment was done using the AWS cloud server. The Linux servers numbering over 300 were debugged and problems of varying complexity in the production, staging and development environments were resolved. In addition, the team provided support and managed the servers 24X7.

  • Veritis further performed the following functions in line with the project requirements:
  • Supported all configuration, change, and compliance management processes.
  • Maintained the test lab, production and disaster recovery setup.
  • Managed the server and network infrastructure.
  • Monitored and reported all aspects of the business infrastructure.
  • Deployed automation tools to reduce errors, perform audits and generate reports on the status of network configurations.
  • Managed the Identity and Access Management (IAM) user accounts.


Veritis DevOps Solution enabled the client to experience increased productivity along with improved software quality. Furthermore, the association with Veritis helped the client derive multiple benefits including:

  • Increased collaboration amongst functional teams.
  • Improved employee engagement and productivity.
  • Elimination of non-value adding activities and error throughout the development cycle resulting in improved quality, speed, and efficiency.
  • Automation of repetitive, time-intensive tasks that empowered them to focus on business-critical objectives.

Environment / Technologies / Tools

AWS (EC2, VPC, IAM, S3 RDS, SES, SNS), Bitbucket, Maven, Puppet, CentOS, Splunk

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