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Achieve Business Continuity With Improved Connectivity

Fly Faster, Further, Smarter

Within the past century, the aviation industry has gone from learning to fly to having 400+ commercial flights depart every hour worldwide daily. Aviation has been at the forefront of global technology development and innovations to become one of the safest, fastest, and most reliable modes of transportation today.

Leveraging emerging technologies will help ensure the future success and sustainability of the air transport industry.

Accelerating Towards Opportunities

The aviation industry embraces the opportunity to modernize and strengthen its IT infrastructure, proactively addressing cyber-attacks. By enhancing security measures, the industry protects against disruptions caused by cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities.

In 2023, the aviation industry proactively strengthened its IT infrastructure, protecting airlines from cyber-attacks while fostering innovation. The industry ensures a resilient digital environment for secure and seamless travel experiences by prioritizing security and reliability alongside technological advancements.

Solutions What We Provide

  • Cloud Storage and Computing: Our Cloud technology can store enormous amounts of flight data and passenger information and provide on-demand access to computing resources for various requirements ranging from flight planning to maintenance operations.
  • Cloud-based Software and Platform Services: Cloud-based SaaS and PaaS can provide access to a wide range of software applications, such as flight information systems, passenger check-in systems, baggage tracking systems, develop and deploy applications for flight management.
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure and Analytics Services: Cloud-based IaaS and analytics can provide virtual infrastructure, data analysis, and AI/ML to improve passenger experience and reduce overheads.

  • Network and Endpoint Security: We provide multiple solutions to protect against network-based threats, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), intrusion detection/prevention systems, and firewalls. Our solutions secure endpoints like laptops, servers, and mobile devices from malware and malicious attacks.
  • Incident Response and Compliance: Our solution handles the incident response, which includes procedures and tools to respond to security incidents and decrease their impact. Our customized solutions help organizations comply with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Penetration Testing: We are experts in penetration testing, which simulates cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the infrastructure, which can help identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

  • Network Management: We provide a range of solutions to the aviation industries which can enable them to monitor and maintain their infrastructure. Our users can troubleshoot network issues, maintain network devices, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Data Center Management: Our solutions can help manage data centers, such as monitoring and maintaining servers and providing disaster recovery and business continuity services.
  • Software and Application Management: Our software management services can help airlines and airports manage software licenses and update and maintain software applications.

Success Stories

Our innovative solutions have empowered aviation clients to drive transformative outcomes, ensuring operational excellence, enhanced safety, and improved passenger experiences.

Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration for Airlines Client with the Enterprise Public Cloud

Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration for Airlines Client with the Enterprise Public Cloud

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Disaster Recovery Data Center Setup for Airlines Client

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Microservices Implementation for Reduced ‘Time to Market’

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