9 Keys to Selecting a Right Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Amid the pandemic, the cloud has emerged as a haven for businesses to survive and thrive. Now, more than ever, organizations are shutting down their on-premises data center and moving to the cloud. However, migrating to the cloud is easier said than done.

Without a deep understanding of the cloud environment, one may end up in the crosshairs of technical debt. Organizations require a host of specialized skills and tools to harness the true potential of the cloud. Making matters worse are the finite in-house resources which could potentially stifle your cloud adoption speed. This is where a Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) proves to be valuable.

Not only a Cloud MSP helps you migrate your legacy IT to the cloud but also manages your resources in the cloud more efficiently and securely. An MSP bridges the gap between the company and the cloud or, more accurately, between the IT resources in the cloud and those residing in the organization’s data centers.

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They also enable your organization to automate cloud migration and management at scale and at minimal cost. By partnering with a Cloud MSP, you can leave the routine, repeatable, and resource-intensive tasks to them while you focus on strategic business processes. But, there’s a catch!

Selecting the right Cloud MSP could be a very complex and challenging endeavor. With a broad spectrum of possible Cloud MSPs present in the market, it’s a herculean task for a company to choose the right one.

Here’s an infographic to help you in what to look for when selecting a Cloud Managed Services Provider:

Nine Keys to Selecting a Right Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP)


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9 Qualities to Look for When Selecting a Cloud MSP

Cloud is evolving quickly, challenging companies to cope up. A Cloud MSP can help. But how to select the right one?

An effective Cloud MSP has the following nine qualities:

1) Deep expertise across all delivery models

2) Proven experience with multivendor, multicloud environs

3) Strong relationships with leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP)

4) Broad portfolio of managed services to preserve future flexibility

5) Technology foresight to deliver innovative cloud solutions

6) Commitment to performance-based SLAs

7) Well-aligned with industry best practices

8) Local language support to help address local regulatory, legal needs

9) Global reach to manage operations in multiple countries

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