8 Key Business Benefits of Identity and Access Management (Infographic)

The rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape has proliferated the demand for secure access. With huge amounts of data to be stored, processed and transmitted, it’s imperative for the businesses to ensure the right users have the right access.

However, with the growing digital adoption, managing identities and controlling access is becoming complex and challenging, creating enough scope for potential cyber threats.

In fact, 81% of the confirmed data breaches are due to weak, stolen and default user passwords.

This is where Identity and Access Management (IAM) stands crucial!

Here is an infographic about ‘8 Key Business Benefits’ of Identity and Access Management:
8 Key Business Benefits of Identity and Access Management IT Infographic


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8 Key IAM Benefits For Your IT Business

Managing identities and authenticating access is becoming a herculean task, creating enough scope for potential cyber risks. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the ‘Answer’!

As a framework of processes, policies and systems, IAM helps manage the users’ digital identities and access.

1) Enhance User Experience

IAM enables end-users to access corporate systems, regardless of their location, time and device.

2) Reduce Password Issues

IAM offers password management features that help implement password best practices, like regular password updates and strong authentication.

3) Enhance Security

Rely on IAM to ensure the right access to the right individual in the right context.

4) Improve Productivity

IAM systems improve productivity by automating many critical aspects of managing identities, authentication and authorization.

5) Cost Savings

Dealing with access-related issues adds to the cost burden. Leverage IAM  to automate these tasks.

6) Centralize Access Control

Enable centralized management of users’ identity and access in a consistent and scalable way with IAM.

7) Stay Compliant

Ensure to stay complaint to remain risk-free. IAM solutions help comply with ever-changing data regulatory requirements.

8) Improve Business Agility

IAM allows easy, secure access to various systems without creating additional security silos, thereby promoting agile business.

Wait No More! Secure Your Business with IAM!

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