How do Identity Management and Access Management Differ?

IAM, or identity and access management, is a framework of corporate procedures, laws, and technological advancements that makes managing digital or electronic identities easier.

Building a solid information security program requires using the many protective features provided by identity management solutions. Although the phrases identity management solutions, authentication, and access management are sometimes used interchangeably, each function as a separate level in the service access management realm.

Identity and access management solutions are often thought to be the same. But there more to it than meets the eye. Let’s understand how Identity Management vs. Access Management Differ.

How do Identity Management and Access Management Differ?

What is the Difference Between Identity Management and Access Management


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Identity Management Vs. Access Management

Identity Management Access Management
Identity management controls digital identities Access management is about controlling access
You can create, supervise, delete digital identities You can control the access and grant privileges to users
Reduces unauthorized access Reduces possibilities of sensitive data espionage
Employer can only authenticate users Employer can allow access to the authenticated users
Requires biometrics and other such elements Controls login pages and protocols
Only the first step in IAM solutions This is second aspect in IAM solutions

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