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Webinar – Eliminating the Road Blocks Between Dev and Ops

Webinar - Eliminating the Road Blocks

DevOps brings to you, a webinar on Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops. Scheduled for 16th May 2018, the webinar will see the likes of Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren.


With the growing importance of continuous product delivery, the need for DevOps is increasing. DevOps is helping organizations bring Development and Operations teams to work on common ground. This will result in quicker software releases and engage them more often and regularly.

With the incorporation of DevOps practices companies engage in deploying code up to 30X more frequently and see a reduction in deployment failures of less than 50%. By doing this, companies are sure to experience a boost in work practices and productivity.

Be a part of an event that shares the experiences of Gene Kim, Electric Cloud Advisor, Researcher and Co-Author of several DevOps books, including the “Phoenix Project” and Anders Wallgren, Electric Cloud CTO. Expand your knowledge base with lessons learned at large organizations and some important tips for eliminating silos between Dev and Ops. Learn how you can increase delivery velocity, while also improving quality, security, and auditability at large-scale organizations.

‘Key Take-Aways’ of the Discussion:

  • The hidden downside of “two-pizza teams”
  • Patterns for embracing shared automation and metrics to facilitate collaboration between Biz, Dev and Ops
  • Patterns for incorporating InfoSec into DevOps and more

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