DevOps Security: An Overview of Challenges and Best Practices

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DevOps has been empowering IT organizations with a highly collaborative environment and high-speed product delivery over the last few years. It is that agility and ability […]

Digital Transformation: IT-HR Collaboration Crucial for ‘Culture Change’

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Culture change is crucial to successful digital transformation and IT business leaders i.e. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will be key to this process, says Gartner. In […]

Container Security: An Overview of Risks and Security Best Practices

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‘Security’ is one most common risk in the modern IT despite the industry’s continuous evolution in the form of advanced technology solutions. Every new technology implementation […]

How DevOps can help Logistics Industry?

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The world has evolved to an extent that many critical processes are happening at a matter of fingertips. And, the technology solutions made it much more […]

DevOps for Retail Industry: Transformation That Gives Competitive Edge!

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Ever-changing consumer preferences changed the face of almost every industry. On one side presenting a wide variety of options to consumers, the changing trends are posing […]

8 Factors That Drive Digital Transformation in Banking Industry

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Digital Transformation strategy is enjoying a deeper penetration across all industries, irrespective of the different end-user bases and other factors. Increasing usage of smart devices, improved […]

State of DevOps Report 2019: DevOps Not a Trend, The Standard!

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Here comes an exciting update about DevOps! The annual Accelerate State of DevOps Report is back again with some interesting updates on changing IT trends and […]

State of Containers Report 2019: ‘Security’ Remains A Challenge!

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Technology Containers have gained popularity in recent years, with higher adoption observed across organizations of all sizes and verticals. Container services have shown the IT industry […]

Hybrid Cloud Model: 6 Security Risks and Ways to Overcome!

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Cloud computing has transformed almost every industry functioning, making critical operations easy to manage. The skyrocketing digital trend has taken cloud adoption further, making cloud almost […]

Digital Transformation Journey: 3 Hurdles to Learn From!

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Digital Transformation (DX) is one transition that every firm in every industry is keen about today. The growing consumer preferences and increasing market competition have made […]