DevOps for Retail Industry: Transformation That Gives Competitive Edge!

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DevOps for Retail Industry: Transformation That Gives Competitive Edge!

Ever-changing consumer preferences changed the face of almost every industry.

On one side presenting a wide variety of options to consumers, the changing trends are posing win-to-win challenges to industry players on the opposite side.

Resultant, the run now is not just for market sustainability, it’s all about standing ahead in the competition. Thanks to the digital transformation trend that made the race exciting!

While a few industries are already making some positive strides in the digital trend, some have just begun!

And, the most common name known for aiding the digital transformation journey is ‘DevOps’.

DevOps emerged out of the dire need for enhanced software lifecycle for higher productivity faster than before, with quality and innovation uncompromised.

With its collaborative approach, DevOps has left its mark in almost every industry. Many firms are already enjoying the benefits of DevOps practices, while some are currently on their DevOps transformation journey.

Here in this article, we will see DevOps advantages to the retail industry!

DevOps for Retail Industry

DevOps for Retail Industry

Advent of the eCommerce business took the retail industry to a different level.

The direct-to-consumer sales have already begun posing a serious threat to retail players operating on traditional models like brick-to-mortar.

Online buying trends and changing shopping experiences are already pushing retail firms to adopt digital models for market survival.

Online shopping makes up to nearly one-fifth of the retail economy. As the surveys show, more than 12 percent of overall retail sales in 2017 were found to have been performed online, and the number is expected to reach 17 percent by 2022.

All these are leading to a single demand i.e. Digital Transformation!

Digital transformation can’t happen overnight and requires a phase-wise shift from the traditional approach without disturbing the business continuity, quality of service, supply chain, and more…

The setup involves setting up backup systems, network configurations, application developments, internal teams to develop, test, monitor and execute processes, and more to support the production cycle.

It’s not done yet!

Beyond all these, you will need a new culture that can streamline all the processes and teams in line with the business objectives and customer satisfaction.

Don’t worry! DevOps can be your one-stop solution for all the requirements mentioned above.

DevOps in place can scale up your business with continuous integration and continuous delivery cycles through effective code building mechanisms, automated test cycles and timely deployments across the product lifecycle, without compromising on quality and security!

Business Benefits of DevOps

Besides product development, DevOps practices establish an all-new culture that works beyond your software environment, shaping your organizational approach to a profitable business and better decision-making.

Retail is one of the leading industries for DevOps adoption, standing third in the DevOps Application Market.

As per the State of DevOps 2017 report, Retail held 7 percent share of DevOps market by industry, next to Technology (34%) and Financial Services (14%).

Its time you give your retail business a digital touch powered by DevOps!

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