16 Facts Showing ‘Upward Trend’ For Digital Transformation!(Infographic)

Digital Transformation is the new wave of business transformation that every industry is keen about.

The changing consumer demands and the end-user preference for enhanced product experience are driving the demand for digital transformation.

With this, every organization is striving for digital adoption at the earliest possible to encourage innovation and reduce time to market.

This is paving the way for increased Digital Transformation, globally.

Here is an infographic about Digital Transformation trends and the plans around at a global level:

16 Facts Showing ‘Upward Trend’ For Digital Transformation! IT Infographic


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Digital Transformation (DX) – An immediate, near, and long-term objective of many firms today!

16 Facts Showing ‘Upward Trend’ For Digital Transformation!

1) 70% – Companies with DX strategy in place or working towards that

2) 21% – Companies thinking to have achieved complete DX

3) 40% – Percentage of technical spending on DX in 2019

4) USD 2 Trillion – Planned expenditure on DX initiatives in 2019

5) 60% – Companies who created new business models with DX

6) 55% – Percentage of startups who adopted digital business strategy

7) 89% – Companies with digital-first strategy or planning one

8) 39% – Companies expecting value addition through DX in 3-5 years

9) 27% – Firms who strongly believe DX as a matter of survival

10) 52% – Marketers consider DX as the top growth driver

11) 50% – Companies believing DX is key to customer experience

12) 44% – Companies who already adopted a ‘digital-first’ strategy

13) 35% – Companies preferring DX to meet customer expectations

14) 59% – Companies are worried about further delays for DX

15) 45% – Companies lack the required technology to implement DX

16) Digital Transformation (DX) Adoption Rate Across Industries

  • Services – 95%
  • Financial Services – 93%
  • Healthcare – 92%

So, Where Are You in Digital Transformation (DX) journey? It’s time to gear up!

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