What is DevOps?

DevOps implementation is more challenging than it seems. Although the entire idea of DevOps is to make production easy, bringing together two teams and making them work cohesively takes a great deal of effort, along with cooperation.

Additionally, DevOps tools are relatively different from traditional techniques and technologies. This infographic puts things in perspective for you.

Here’s An Infographic About What is DevOps? :

What is Devops


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What is DevOps?

DevOps is the production approach that brings together Development and Operations teams. Working in tandem, the team will develop and deploy deliverables faster than before.

Why DevOps?

  • High quality>time required
  • Higher scope for automation
  • Better suited for long projects lifecycle
  • Fewer errors<Superior reliability

The 6‘C’ tenets of DevOps

  • Continuous planning: At this stage, you have to identify the skills and resources required for the outcomes you desire
  • Collaboration: From development to deployment, DevOps is all about generating results through collaboration
  • Continuous Testing: DevOps reduces the room for errors as the code is tested soon after its development
  • Continuous Deployment: With the deliverables developed and tested swiftly, deployment happens at a better pace
  • Continuous Monitoring: With most of the DevOps, perpetual monitoring is required with the deliverables
  • Continuous Feedback: Based on the inputs received from the customers, the deliverables will be refined further.

How to Execute DevOps

  • Understand the underlying requirements for DevOps execution
  • Reinvent the working culture to accommodate cohesive collaboration
  • Customer requirements should be the cornerstone of the DevOps process
  • Start slow and small to avoid unwanted massive setbacks
  • Build the deliverables with automation capabilities
  • Embrace the DevOps tools which are suitable for your needs
  • Provide transparency about the project development
  • Develop, deploy continuously
  • Chip away the imperfections with continuous feedback

Top DevOps tools

  • Ansible: Simplifies things and removes redundancies
  • Chef: Coding tool used for configuration purposes
  • Docker: CI/CD tool used by many
  • Elk stack: logging tool which helps you visualize
  • Nagios: System monitoring tool
  • Selenium: Web apps automation tool

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