18 BEST US DevOps Conferences to Participate in 2020

By Veritis

18 BEST US DevOps Conferences to Participate in 2020

After the successful 2019 and amid the huge demand, DevOps journey into 2020 has begun giving more hopes to the IT industry in the new year and beyond.

To progress in the new competition, learning from the best implementations around makes the job easier in any domain. The same applies to the DevOps journey!

The DevOps conferences schedules are back to bring together the DevOps practitioners, technology leaders, CIOs, CEOs and enthusiasts onto a single platform to share, discuss and learn more on the DevOps best practices.

UPDATE: The Best US DevOps Conferences of 2021

Here are some of the top US DevOps conferences scheduled in 2020:

1) Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

Date: Jan-May, 2020
Venue: Across the world

Microsoft is back with its Ignite Tour that’s all set to ignite the DevOps people globally. The conference is being held across various Venues: Washington, DC; Chicago, Illinois; Zurich, Switzerland; Sydney, Australia; Copenhagen, Denmark; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Mumbai, India; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Madrid, Spain; Berlin, Germany; and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Ignite Tour aims to provide scope to developers and technology professionals to learn about the latest tools and cloud technologies, enabling them to explore new coding techniques and methods, and empower organizations with deep technical training.

The DevOps conferences are open to all Microsoft Developers!

2) DevOps Days

Date: Feb-Oct, 2020
Venue: 40 Venues, globally

Backed by DevOps luminaries Patrick Debois and Damon Edwards, the DevOps Days conference is back again to bring together the global DevOps community.

As every time, the DevOps Days 2020 will work with local organizers to bring together operations professionals, developers and managers for tech interactions at the respective regional level. Automation, testing, security and organizational culture are going to be the key topics discussed.

3) DevSecOps Days

Date: Feb 24, 2020
Venue: San Fransico, California, USA

Part of the RSA Conference, the DevSecOps Days is for developers and DevSecOps practitioners. The event features vendor presentations, on-stage product demos and more. As part of the event, DevSecOps practitioners will present their DevSecOps experiences and guide the audience on ways to successful integration at the organizational level.

4) SRE Con Americas

Date: Mar 24-26, 2020
Venue: Santa Clara, California, USA

With a prime focus on site reliability engineers, the SRE Conference aims to deliver the goals of resilience, reliability and performance in complex distributed systems. Besides Santa Clara, different SRA conferences will be held in Sydney, Australia (June 15-17); Amsterdam, Netherlands (October 27-29) and Boston, Massachusetts (December 7-9).

The conference welcomes Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), developers and software architects.

5) PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

Date: April 27-30, 2020
Venue: Bellevue, Washington

Aimed at developers and web system admins, this conference discusses Microsoft’s PowerShell automation and configuration tool. The conference will feature presentations and in-depth sessions by subject-matter experts, PowerShell product team members, Microsoft MVPs, developers, sysadmins, PowerShell community members and others on DevOps practices and principles.

This edition will be more inclined to intermediate-level professionals along with an OnRamp Track for entry-level participants.

6) GOTO Chicago

Date: April 27-29 (Conference) and April 30-May 1 (Masterclasses)
Venue: Chicago, Illinois, USA

With the theme ‘What Works’, the GOTO Chicago 2020 will be highly technical with an emphasis on software engineering trends. It will feature discussions on methodologies and technologies important for developers, areas of collaboration and future of software. Besides Chicago, the conference will also be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 8-11); Berlin, Germany (October 21-25) and Copenhagen, Denmark (November 18-22).

Developers, software architects, project managers, system administrators and DevOps engineers are welcomed for this conference.

7) GlueCon

Date: May 20-21, 2020
Venue: Broomfield, Colorado, USA

GlueCon will focus on both software engineering and DevOps. The organizers have added new topics to the 2020 edition with a major focus on serverless architecture, DevOps, APIs, analytics, monitoring, blockchain, cutting-edge developer platforms and tools, containers and microservices.

The DevOps conferences is open to software architects, developers, architects, DevOps engineers, enterprise and startup executives and managers.

8) ChefConf

Date: Jun 1-4, 2020
Venue: Seattle

Open for the DevOps practitioners and continuous automation, this conference features discussions on DevOps concepts emphasizing on open-source configuration management tool Chef. Sessions are developed by professionals with expertise in digital transformation.

The attendees will also feature new product innovations, a roadmap for the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack and hands-on training in full-day workshops delivered by experts.

9) Agile + DevOps West

Date: Jun 7-12, 2020
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The event features presentations by thought leaders in agile concepts, along with pre-conference training and certification classes, followed by expo of the latest agile software solutions, full and half-day tutorials, and a leadership summit.

The event is open to agile teams and leadership, digital transformation teams, product owners and managers in automation, development, test and release areas.

10) Monitorama

Date: June 8-10, 2020
Venue: Portland, Oregon, USA

Another big technical event welcoming the global technology leaders, majorly the open-source development and operations professionals. These experts are gathering for Monitorama to teach the attendees on a wide range of tools and techniques used in some of the world’s largest web architectures.

With core emphasis on monitoring and observability in software systems, the event aims to take the significance of software monitoring to the next level. The event is open for developers, DevOps engineers, operations executives, performance testers and Site Reliability Engineers.

11) O’Reilly Infrastructure and Ops Conference

Date: June 15-18, 2020
Venue: Santa Clara, California, USA

A replacement to O’Reilly’s Velocity conference, this technical event focuses on the training and tools required to manage legacy systems during the migration process to modern and responsive infrastructure. The key intention of these tools is to ensure uninterrupted day-to-day business operations during the migration process.

This event is the best place for all technical stakeholders such as engineers, architects, developers, DevOps practitioners, Site Reliability Engineers, researchers, technology leaders, managers, vice presidents of engineering, operations, infrastructure and cloud ecosystems.

12) DockerCon US

Date: June 15-18
Venue: Austin, Texas, USA

A multi-track conference sponsored by Docker and focused on the Docker ecosystem. The event features various panel discussions, keynotes, workshops and hands-on sessions for attendees. The event is the best destination for developers, DevOps engineers, CxOs and managers exploring Docker and its business advantages.

13) Interop ITX

Date: September 21-24
Venue: Austin, Texas, USA

Interop features sessions on a wide range of topics including automation/IT management, data and analytics, networking and security, cloud and DevOps, hardware and infrastructure, among others.

The four-day conference will also feature training sessions and certifications in the first two days and various 60 50-minute sessions on ways to achieving business objectives.

The event is open to IT professionals of all levels from top-level executives CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, developers, software architects, site reliability engineers, and system architects.

14) DevOps World

Date: September 21-24, 2020
Venue:  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

DevOps World will be a gathering of the thousands of DevOps practitioners, developers, managers and leaders from across the world. Previously organized with Jenkins World, DevOps World 2020 features keynotes from industry thought leaders, hundreds of sessions from DevOps leaders, in-depth training courses and technical workshops.

The event is an interesting meet for CxOs, managers, developers, DevOps practitioners and Jenkins users and partners.

15) AnsibleFest

Date: October 13-15, 2020
Venue: San Diego, California, USA

After the successful 2019 edition, AnsibleFest is back welcoming the global Ansible community to exchange ideas and awareness about the latest developments. The 2019 edition saw more than 90 talks, 25 sponsors and seven workshops. The conference is open to Ansible users, developers and operations professionals.

16) DevOps + Automation Summit

Date: October 21-23, 2020
Venue: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Hosted by the DevOps Collective, a nonprofit organization, this DevOps conferences is all set to witness a gathering of around 400 DevOps and automation professionals, and enthusiasts.

These experts will be discussing on different automation tools and toolsets, across multiple platforms, besides emphasizing on best practices and industry standards.

17) Microsoft Ignite

Date: November 2-8, 2020
Venue: Orlando, Florida, USA

The Microsoft Ignite is back again to welcome the global Microsoft developer community. The event is going to be a culmination of various small events such as Microsoft Management Summit, Microsoft Exchange Conference, SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Project Conference, and TechEd.

The event covers a wide range of topics including development, operations, deployment, architecture, implementation and migration, security, access management and compliance, among others. The event is going to witness more than 100 vendors part of the special expo and as session speakers.

18) LISA

Date: December 7-9, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A vendor-neutral meeting targeted at the global community of systems admins emphasizing on heavy training activity. The event is being organized by Usenix, Advanced Computing Systems Association and LISA (Large Installation Systems Administration).

The event is open to system admins, systems engineers, IT operations professionals, SRE practitioners, developers, IT managers and academic researchers.

So DevOps professionals, which one are you attending?

Block your calendars and don’t miss these wonderful opportunities that will only take you higher in your pursuit of success. Learn from specialized training sessions, take advice from the industry experts and share your knowledge while you gain some from peers and other practitioners. Change begins here!

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