Veritis Triumphs With the Acclaimed Stevie Award for Cloud Infrastructure

By Veritis

Stevie Award for Cloud Infrastructure

Veritis Group, the epitome of Cloud solutions providers, has attained the highest honor with the Stevie Award 2023. We take great pride in our brilliant achievement, securing the distinguished Bronze Award in the Cloud Infrastructure category at the 21st Annual American Business Awards. The judging panel recognized Veritis for its customer-centric strategy and advancements in cloud infrastructure, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, advanced processes, and enhanced capabilities.

In an awe-inspiring feat, our group has secured the prestigious Stevie Award for the second year consecutively. This remarkable accomplishment serves as a resounding testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence in the dynamic realm of technology. With this esteemed recognition, we proudly showcase our outstanding achievements and reaffirm our commitment to thriving in the ever-evolving tech era. This remarkable milestone fuels our drive to push boundaries, innovate, and achieve unparalleled success continuously.

Pioneering Success in the Stevie Awards Arena

The American Business Awards

Veritis established itself as an industry frontrunner by earning the highly coveted Stevie Award for DevOps in 2022 and Cloud Infrastructure in 2023. This remarkable achievement underscores Veritis’ unwavering dedication to excellence and innovative practices in technology, solidifying its reputation as a top performer in the industry for two consecutive years.

The illustrious Stevie Awards, renowned as the American Business Awards, command unparalleled acclaim in business. Since their inception in 2002, these prestigious accolades have become synonymous with acknowledging extraordinary business innovations and honoring the remarkable contributions of industry leaders who shape and redefine their respective fields. Moreover, they serve as a testament to the high levels of achievement in the business sphere. The deserving recipients of these esteemed awards will be honored at a highly anticipated gala ceremony held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York on Monday, June 13th.

Through a meticulous judging process involving the assessment of over 240 professionals, the winners of this year’s award were determined from a pool of more than 3,700 nominations. Veritis Group was awarded the esteemed Bronze Stevie Award in Cloud Infrastructure, recognizing its exceptional achievements.

Veritis has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and efficiency since its establishment. With meticulous attention to detail and a customer-focused approach, Veritis has achieved exceptional levels of client satisfaction by providing tailored, value-added cloud solutions. Furthermore, this prestigious accolade has served as a platform for Veritis to showcase its profound internal proficiency, propelling the organization to embrace future ventures that will astound the global audience.

We are humbled to have received the esteemed Stevie Award 2023, recognizing our exceptional Cloud Infrastructure innovation. We are also proud to mention that this is our second consecutive year receiving this esteemed award, having been recognized for our exceptional DevOps services in 2022. We thank the entire Veritis team for their unwavering commitment to achieving excellence. Contact us now to explore the ideal solution that caters to your specific requirements.

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