What is Identity and Access Management?

By Veritis / in IAM Services

Table of contents What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)? What Does IAM Mean? Why do You Need IAM? How Does IAM Work? What Does IAM […]

What is Cloud Computing?

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

Table of contents What is Cloud Computing? What are the Different Types of Cloud Computing Services? What are the Types of Deployment Models in Cloud Computing? […]

What is Azure Devops?

By Veritis / in DevOps

Table of contents What is Azure DevOps? Azure DevOps Core Services Azure Repos Azure Pipeline Azure Boards Azure Test Plans Azure Artifacts How do Companies Benefit […]

What You Should Know About Containers Threats in Cloud Computing

By Veritis / in Blog

Containers are now prevalent across the IT industry. They are easy to maintain, and due to various advantages facilitating swift development and deployment, DevOps users are […]

Differences Between High Code, Low Code and No Code

By Veritis / in Blog

Earlier, companies depend on developers’ teams to create software applications from beginning to end. However, in today’s digital world, developers don’t have to be an expert […]

Kubernetes Vs. Docker: Which is Better?

By Veritis / in Blog

Containerization is one of the biggest things that is pushing the way forward. DevOps and project management favor the usage of containers for their multiple benefits, […]

How Agile and IT Service Management can Work Together?

By Veritis / in Blog

At first glance, the ITIL framework and the concepts that support Agile methodologies couldn’t be more dissimilar. Agile is all about being collaborative and flexible, while […]

Why Continuous Testing is Significant for Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD)

By Veritis / in Blog

The beauty of DevOps is that one can iteratively refine their products or continuously. While modifications and improvements are possible in other methodologies such as waterfall […]

How to Enhance Security in the Multi-Cloud Era

By Veritis / in Blog

Over the past two decades, companies would use a single public cloud service provider to handle all of their digital infrastructure needs. Recently, most cutting-edge companies […]

What is Operational Security (OPSEC) and How Does it Protect Critical Data?

By Veritis / in Data Security

Operational security (OPSEC), also known as procedural security, was created by the US military during the Vietnam War. This application is widely used in business as […]

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