Top 15 AWS Machine Learning Tools in the Cloud

By Veritis / in Blog

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the biggest cloud infrastructures with 175 featured services, managing everything from machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to data […]

Amazon Aurora Vs Amazon RDS Comparison: Which is the Best Database Service?

By Veritis / in Cloud Computing

Databases are the main pillars for any application as they are one of the most essential components for business infrastructure. Additionally, database management services also became […]

MongoDB Vs RDBMS: Comparing the Big 2 Database Services

By Veritis / in Blog

Digital transformation is revamping every industry, and most organizations are doing their best to deliver their clients beyond everyone’s expectations. However, the journey of digital transformation […]

Principles that every Chief Information Officer (CIO) needs to Adopt for DevOps Acceleration

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The role of the Chief Information Officer or CIO has evolved a great deal in recent times. Cloud, digital transformation, new data laws, and DevOps have […]

A Guide to Tekton and Its Reusable Pipelines

By Veritis / in Blog

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way we operate and live our lives. Before the cloud, computers and the world web were not utilized as much as […]

Serverless Vs Containers: Comparison Between Top Two Cloud Services

By Veritis / in Blog

In modern-day technology, Serverless (Function as a service (FaaS)), and Containers (Container Orchestration) are two of the biggest DevOps buzzwords which signify efficient apps deployment. Touted […]

Which Cloud has Better Private Connectivity: AWS or Azure or GCP?

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Cloud has sparked off a new working culture globally. People from various nooks and crannies contributed, modified, and collaborate to roll out deliverables faster than ever […]

A Guide to DevOps Implementation on Google Cloud

By Veritis / in Blog

IT-reliant companies have utilized the DevOps approach swiftly and in iterations to churn out products. While AWS and Azure entered the market sooner, Google entered the […]

DevOps on AWS: An Introduction on How to Integrate Seamlessly

By Veritis / in Blog

DevOps is one of the most used methodologies in the IT arena now. Propelled by cloud technology’s proliferation, IT companies are making the most of it. […]

Signs of a Failed DevSecOps Strategy Which None Should Ignore

By Veritis / in Blog

DevOps, when combined with a robust security strategy, is what becomes DevSecOps. While DevOps is all about swift production and delivery, DevSecOps is all that DevOps […]

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