‘Cloud Computing’ for Healthcare On Rise Globally!

By Veritis

‘Cloud Computing’ for Healthcare On Rise Globally!

‘Cloud computing’ has made a remarkable footprint in the healthcare industry.

It’s presence has greatly boosted services in the given industry, owing to features like reduced time for information collection, statistics handling, faster access to digital records and accurate far-flung patient tracking.

With these and many more unaccounted benefits to the healthcare sector, the Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market is expected to exceed more than USD 15.50 billion in revenue by 2024, recording a CAGR of over 20 percent in the given period.

The international healthcare cloud computing market has taken off due to the following major factors:

  • Rising demand for regulatory compliance
  • Increased investment from healthcare players in the sector
  • Increased public awareness
  • Increased usage of high-speed internet
  • Government organizations
  • Execution of favorable regulatory acts

However, the idea of cloud computing faces certain hindrances. This is also the case within the healthcare industry, which has the following obstacles:

  • Complexities associated with data portability
  • Concerns over data privacy
  • Increasing instances of cloud data breaches

Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Division

The international healthcare cloud computing industry is divided on the basis of:

Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Division

1) Application: The application segment is divided into a clinical information system and non-clinical information. Clinical information system includes electronic medical records, electronic physician order entry, pharmacy information system and radiology information system, among others.

Whereas, non-clinical information system covers automatic patient billing, claims management and revenue cycle management, among others.

2) Cloud Deployment Model: This segment is classified into public, private and virtual cloud

3) End User Segmentation: The segment covers healthcare providers and healthcare payers.

4) Region: As the name suggests, it includes various regions that are highly dependent on cloud computing for provisioning of healthcare services. Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.

5) Service Mode Segmentation: It includes platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service for the healthcare industry.

Many healthcare institutes are using cloud computing to enhance their services and increase their reach in the market. Are you one of them?

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