6 DevOps Technical Benefits To ‘Startup’ Firms

By Veritis

DevOps Technical Benefits To 'Startup' Firms

DevOps helps organizations in multiple ways, majorly by way of business agility and enhanced time-to-market.

This is the result of increased collaboration and communication that DevOps promises by bridging gaps among various processes and teams in an organization.

Though different teams, DevOps collaborative culture makes different teams inclined to core business objectives, while carrying out their own team-specific tasks.

Moreover, automating the delivery pipeline and enhancing the rate of code release are two advantages that make DevOps dominant in the current competitive market.

However, there exists a thin line of difference as to ‘how DevOps is being utilized?’ by large enterprises, small and startup or start-up firms.

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While many large enterprises could drive maximum DevOps benefits such as automated delivery pipelines and orchestrated infrastructure, start-ups are finding it difficult to achieve in their limited employee setup and investment.

No need to be disappointed! Here are some technical advantages that DevOps can offer to your start-up business.

6 Technical Benefits of DevOps For ‘Startups’

6 Technical Benefits of DevOps For 'Startups' : Veritis

1) Tags

Given the need for effective resource management, this tagging advantage of DevOps can help you easily identify the instances, volume and load balancers in utilization. This eventually helps you provision the capacities as per the need and avoid additional usage.

Moreover, the tagged resources can be monitored using relevant tools and notification alerts.

2) Container-based System

Facing hurdles in managing virtual machines for local, development and testing environments. Get the best out of Docker Containers that are light-weight, portable and cost-effective.

Containerisation eliminates the dependence on virtualization by dealing with the hypervisor.

66 percent of firms who adopted containers report accelerated developer efficiencies.

3) Resource Provisioning

Resource provisioning is one area that is crucial to keep the business running. And, this is also one deciding factor for cost-effectiveness in the real-time. Mostly among start-ups, there are high instances of ineffective provisioning in real-time resulting in higher costs and compromised user experience.

Autoscaling is one modern option that helps you ensure application availability to scale up or down automatically. DevOps facilitates this!

4) Continuity and Agility

This is where you realize the power of DevOps. DevOps enables organizations to get on the continuous delivery mechanism through its CI/CD cycles. This eventually improves automates the delivery pipeline, shortens release cycles and ensures improved time-to-market. This also contributes to continuous improvement and improved business agility.

Elite performers report 208 times more deployment frequency with DevOps compared to low performers.

5) Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is not just for large enterprises. Start-ups would require this considering their over-provisioning of resources often. So, close infrastructure monitoring helps you assess and analyze resource efficiencies and availability, and set up automated alerts to scale up or down as per the demand.

Improved monitoring, interactive dashboards and effective reporting and more are possible through a wide range of DevOps tools.

Some start-ups also take the help of managed service providers for infrastructure management, change management and other tasks.

6) Portability

This is another important aspect that start-ups need to consider when developing their products. Remember the fact, your application might be required to be run in different platforms, sometimes a sudden shift from legacy to new-age platforms. All you need to ensure is application portability to perform better on any platform.

Moreover, your application should be compatible to go on to market-leading platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP and others. Take the containerization help and make your apps portable than ever!

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In Conclusion

Business Success with DevOps

More such advantages are part of DevOps offering for startups. Wait no more, get the best of DevOps technical advantages for your emerging business.

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