Cloud Implementation Services: Strategy, Solutions and Benefits

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Cloud Implementation Services

Amplify Value Across Your Cloud Journey with Veritis

Modern businesses and emerging technologies are incessantly propelling each other forward. Cloud technologies have further abetted that process, enabling a continuous transformation process that can lead to a competitive edge.

Scalability, agility, rapid deployment, and technology on-demand are just a few of the critical business benefits organizations gain with moving to the cloud. However, simply moving data and applications to the cloud is not enough. It’s an ongoing journey. And that journey demands innovative thinking about infrastructure, implementation, and management.

Moreover, as your cloud journey must navigate pitfalls and opportunities that are specific to your business, it’s imperative to define a clear cloud implementation strategy for successful cloud adoption.

The cloud implementation strategy must address business imperatives and opportunities that are unique to your business, your industry, and your objectives. It’s all about outlining a path of continuous transformation that sets the stage for the company you intend to become. Veritis can help!

How Do We Help?

Building an agile, cloud-based environment on par with the organization’s business objectives requires significant experience that spans across numerous industries and multiple use cases.

Veritis is uniquely positioned to develop, implement, and manage a comprehensive cloud strategy that helps you unlock innovation and adopt the cloud with confidence. Our specialized experts have an in-depth understanding and experience of designing and building custom cloud solutions for a broad range of business needs across various industries.

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Veritis Cloud Implementation Services follows a holistic, integrated approach that supports leading cloud vendors, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, which allow us to identify and implement solutions that fit your unique requirements.

Our Portfolio of Cloud Implementation Services

Veritis Portfolio of Cloud Implementation Services

1) Cloud Application Development

We leverage modern, scalable, and reliable cloud architecture patterns, built on top of leading cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, to enable full lifecycle application development.

2) Cloud Application Architecture

Veritis helps outline architecture processes and patterns to define common platforms and services for emerging cloud-native services. We assist in selecting and implementing tools and frameworks for common architectures, including user interface frameworks, platform services, and highly available design.

3) Platform Implementation

We assist in end-to-end technical solution build, configuration, and execution for process design changes to facilitate the adoption of private, public, or hybrid PaaS.

4) Cloud Data Center Services

Plan, design, build, and manage scalable and cost-effective cloud data centers. Right-size the capacity, resiliency, and efficiency of your cloud data center.

Business Benefits of Cloud Implementation

Veritis can help you realize both short and long-term benefits with your cloud implementation, such as:

Business Benefits of Cloud Implementation

1) IT Cost Reduction: Cloud implementation enables you to pay for only the computing capacity as per your requirements, eliminating the ongoing expense of purchasing, deploying, maintaining, and managing infrastructure on-premises.

2) Faster Time-to-Market: Cloud enables you to provision and deploys a server in minutes.

3) High Scalability and Elasticity: With cloud implementation, you can quickly scale workloads automatically in response to the fluctuating market demands.

4) Improved Reliability and Business Continuity: Implementing data backup and disaster recovery are typically much easier, more affordable, and less disruptive in the cloud than on-premises.

5) Continually Improving Performance: Cloud infrastructure will be regularly updated with the latest, highest-performing computing, storage, and networking hardware.

6) Better Security: With the most flexible and secure cloud environment available today, you can improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements.

Why Choose Veritis?

How Veritis Help You

As a US-based Cloud Consulting Firm, Veritis can help you define a clear, efficient, and cost-effective business strategy that enables your organization to design a stable, scalable platform that supports seamless growth in the highly competitive market. Let our experts guide you into the cloud today and show you how the right strategies, technology, and resources can accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

With more than a decade-old industry presence and rich domain expertise, Veritis offers public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud services. Based on client requirements, we utilize the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service models.

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